Humans of the Varley: Vita Keeling

My story begins after leaving work as a graphic artist and the need to fulfill my creative self.

How lucky to have the Varley gallery practically at my doorstep.
I decided to take some of the classes to rekindle my painting skills and meet other artists. At that time the Varley had a call to artists for the York Region Juried Show, I decided to submit and was selected.
That experience presented an opportunity from a gallery owner to begin trying my hand as an art instructor. This lead me to decide to further hone my skills by attending the Toronto School of Art diploma program.

All the while I continued to take Life Drawing lead by the wonderful artist Neville Clarke. This is where I meet other like minded artists…Linda Chen, Florica Laslau, Glen Ou, Lynda Warne and Sheila Ghazarian. Thus the group called Painters6 was formed and we have been active since 2010.

My art instructing expanded to include the Varley Gallery where I spent 12 years but one of my most memorable moments was when Neville Clarke recommended that I take over his life drawing class at the Varley, a huge compliment from such a great artist like Neville!
I must commend and thank the Varley staff for all of their support over the years.

So, for me the Varley Gallery opened up a chapter in my life that has proved exciting , enriching and empowering.

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