Humans of the Varley: Sylvia Chan

I started to get involved with the Varley Art Gallery in grade 9 when I was going to Unionville High School. I was a rather shy, quiet, and introverted kid back then. However the experience of communicating and teaching helped me to open up. After volunteering, I started teaching some of the art programs there in the summer, and it was an enjoyable learning experience. The Varley Art Gallery allowed me as a young artist to showcase my work, as well as to get started in a teaching career. I enjoy both art making and teaching art, and most of this is because of my experience at the Varley Art Gallery. I enjoy looking at the art at both the Varley Art Gallery and Mckay Art Centre. There is always some sort of new exhibition at the Mckay Art Centre. They also host events where people get to enjoy the art of our community.

To me, the Varley Art Gallery and Mckay Art Centre is where the art happens in Markham/ Unionville. When people walk along Main Street, they get to experience art by professional and emerging artists in the community. This brings art to people connecting them to various cultural experiences and stories. Art is one important part of our Canadian identity which bridges and connects people of all cultures and backgrounds together. The gallery also showcases artists from abroad, connecting our community with outside experiences.


The gallery is the place for lovers of art to just go and enjoy seeing art pieces, and enjoying the walk down Main Street.

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