Humans of the Varley: Louis Li

 To me, the Varley art gallery is a community within the community. It is a place that inspires youth to get involved with art at a young age with their various programs, a place that helps you hone in your artistic abilities, and for many, including myself, it is a place to discover your passion for art. More amazingly, it is a hub that gathers likeminded individuals into one space and inspires them to do more.
Being a part of the Varley Art Gallery has essentially turned me into who I am today. I started off volunteering my photography for a couple events here and there, but from there, it only opened more doors for me. By being part of the Varley, I was and am still exposed to so many different people and connections within the community that I never would have known. It has opened many doors for me and really inspires me to want to give back to the community, which is why I’m motivated to volunteer and give back to the community.
I got involved with the Varley Art Gallery through the Markham Teen Arts Council (MTAC), where I was the photographer/videographer. I was asked to help shoot an event, and the story goes on from there! If you’re a teen or you’re the parent of one, definitely join, or encourage them to join, the local youth councils. It’s a great way to start getting involved with the community and I know from personal experience that it can open so many doors.

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