Humans of the Varley: Kathryn Wakely-Clare 

I have always had an interest in art and architecture, nurtured by art history courses at high school and at university. When thinking about what I would like to get involved in upon my retirement I decided to approach the Varley Art Gallery. I soon found that volunteering at the gallery is not only a way to contribute to the cultural life of the community, but also a means to enrich my own knowledge of art and share my enthusiasm with others.

The Varley hosts exhibitions that reflect a wide variety of artists from the well-known to the emerging talent in our own community. As a Docent and Gallery Attendant I have greatly benefited from the excellent training sessions offered by the Education and Volunteer support staff at the gallery. I have enhanced my knowledge of art appreciation and learned effective ways of engaging school tours and other visitors.

The greatest joy for me is having my own interaction with the art enriched by young people. Their open-minded approach offers me a fresh perspective and often totally changes my experience with a piece of art.

As a volunteer I feel encouraged to bring my own experiences and perspectives to contribute to the life of the gallery. The friendships I have made with other volunteers have been an added bonus. The gallery staff warmly welcomes, appreciates, and supports volunteers. It is a wonderful atmosphere and I feel very fortunate to be part of the Varley!

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