Gallery Attendant Volunteers

    Gallery Attendants supervise the exhibition spaces during operating hours to ensure the safety of the artworks on display. In addition to ensuring security, Gallery Attendants also enhance the public’s experience by welcoming all visitors upon entry to the exhibitions. Attendants also provide basic information about the shows presented at the Varley Art Gallery.


    • Welcome visitors into the gallery.
    • Ensure safety measures are followed: not allowing photography, food or drinks into the gallery.
    • Monitor the gallery to ensure artworks are not touched and all objects are safe.
    • Provide visitors with additional information when needed and answer questions from the public.
    • Ensure that all visitors leave at closing time.


    A Gallery Attendant must have an appreciation for art and art history. He/she must work well with the public, feel comfortable while speaking to large groups of all ages and have the ability to communicate clearly.  This position requires attention to detail, and the ability to stay alert for long periods of time in a quiet environment. In addition to this, Gallery Attendants may have to stand for long periods of time while in the gallery.

    The position of Gallery Attendant requires at minimum, a high school diploma. Gallery Attendants will receive free skills development and on-the-job training provided with each new exhibition.


    Flexible hours, weekdays, weekends and some evenings

    To apply please visit or contact Francesca Dauphinais for more information.

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