Humans of the Varley

Welcome to Humans of  the Varley!

In honour of the 20th anniversary of the Varley Art Gallery, we want to share some of the wonderful stories of people from our community. Each post will feature a community member, who will share their unique stories and what the Varley means to them.

Judith Livingston

Judith Livingston is a well-established local artist, who has been a part of the Varley Art Gallery since the very beginning. She was part of the committee that helped to found the Gallery as well as the McKay Art Center, where she continues to exhibit her work. See more.


Elena Genua

Elena Genua shares how one week at art camp set her on journey that would be keep coming back to the Varley Art Gallery. See more.


Karen Law

Karen Law shares one of her earliest memories with us. See more.



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