Humans of  the Varley

In honour of the 20th anniversary of the Varley Art Gallery, we want to share some of the wonderful stories of people from our community. Each post will feature a community member, who will share their unique stories and what the Varley means to them.

Judith Livingston

Judith Livingston is a well-established local artist, who has been a part of the Varley Art Gallery since the very beginning. She was part of the committee that helped to found the Gallery as well as the McKay Art Center, where she continues to exhibit her work. See more.


Elena Genua

Elena Genua shares how one week at art camp set her on journey that would be keep coming back to the Varley Art Gallery. See more.


Karen Law

Karen Law shares one of her earliest memories with us. See more.


Ed Law

This week we follow up with the Law family to see how the Varley Art Gallery has changed over the years. See more.


Bill Pickering

Bill Pickering was a Varley-Mckay Foundation board member for 10 years! He shares how he became involved with the Varley Art Gallery. See more.


Kim Correia 

Kim Correia started volunteering at the Varley Art Gallery in university. Her continued involvement helped to fuel her creativity and lead to become a creative entrepreneur. See more.

Sylvia Chan

Sylvia Chan is a former Varley Art Gallery volunteer and recipient of the Wallace-Joyce Scholarship. See more.


Kathryn Wakely-Clare 

Former Docent, Kathryn Wakely-Clare shares how her high school interest lead her to the Varley Art Gallery. See more.



Linda Chen

Linda Chan loved art as a child but did not have the opportunity to practice until she was an adult. She shares how the Varley art community supported and encouraged her to follow her passion. See more. 


Jean Stewart 

Retired Librarian teacher Jean Stewart proves that it is never too late to get involved in the community. See more. 


Xiaojing Yan

Xiaojing Yan is the local artist behind the instiallation piece Bridge from the 2012 Da Bao exhibit. She will be hosting a solo exhibit at the Varley Art Gallery this fall. See more.

 Vita Keeling

Vita Keeling was a longtime resident of Unionville, and although now living in the Guelph area, discusses the impact of the Varley Art Gallery on her life and credits the Varley Art Gallery for opening up a new chapter in her life. See more.



 Paul Keeling

Paul Keeling is Vita Keeling’s husband, past Vice-Chair of the Varley-McKay Art Foundation of Markham and former Chair of the Varley Fine Art Auction commitee. He watched the Varley Art Gallery’s construction over 20 years ago and praises the Gallery’s impact on the community. See more.


Ali Yu

Ali’s son, Nicholas, attended summer camps at the Varley Art Gallery for several years before moving on to volunteer with those same camps. Read her story here and find out why the Varley Art Gallery is so important to Ali and Nicholas.


Grace D.

Grace’s daughter, Isabella D., has become a regular program attendant at the Varley Art Gallery. Grace credits the Varley Art Gallery camp and program staff with fostering a creative, welcoming and stimulating environment that inspires Isabella to explore her creativity. Read more.


Louis Li

Photographer Louis Li reflects on how the opportunities to volunteer as an event photographer at the Varley Art Gallery and being involved in his community has opened doors for his career. Read the full story here.


Francesca Dauphinais

We are proud to bring you the story of our very own Development Officer, Francesca Dauphinais. See why she does what she does for us here.


Cheryl Rego

Cheryl is the Varley Art Gallery’s Program Coordinator. She has a long history with the Varley Art Gallery and is discusses how meaningful the gallery is to her and her community. Read her story here!



Santo Natale

Santo is the Chair of Rouge: Varley Gala, the Varley-McKay Art Foundation of Markham’s newest fundraising initiative. He is also a Board Member. Be inspired by Santo’s story and read more here.


Doriana Cabeceiras

And to conclude our series of “Humans at the Varley”, we have a very special reflection by the one and only Doriana Cabeceiras! Enjoy reading her story. It’s been 20 years in the making.


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