Humans of the Varley: Santo Natale

Growing up Unionville since ’73, I quickly realized the influence and impact of the Group of Seven in our community, and that’s when my love of Canadian art started.

I remember volunteering during the early stages of the launch/capital campaign of the Varley Art Gallery via one of our great community champions, Johanna Meharg. I remember thinking how wonderful it was that our town was going to have this beautiful gallery just minutes from where I grew up and where I continued to live.

Years later (about 3 years ago), Johanna Meharg again encouraged and urged me to consider joining the Varley-McKay Art Foundation of Markham Board of Directors. I didn’t hesitate and jumped at the opportunity.

I got active immediately and steered 3 wine Tasting fundraisers at the Gallery, with my goal, as always to bring new awareness and new attendance. I am currently chairing our exciting new Gala, Rouge: Varley Gala.

My experience has been a great one, meeting new people and working hand in hand with the Board and the wonderful staff at the Gallery.